Objectives WP1

  • Definition by healthcare professionals and patients of the main risks characteristics associated with physiological measures and the preventive actions asociated.

Objectives WP2

  • Characterize babies profiles based on interaction with mattress – position, pressure distribution, and vibration needed to induce micro-arousals.

Objectives WP3

  • The aim of this WP is the development of sensors embedded in textiles that cover the mattress.

Objectives WP4

  • Design and Develop functional hardware and PCB for Sensor Box.

Objectives WP5

  • Assemble all the components parts of the product (biosensing textiles integrated in cover, wireless communication system, sensor box, vibrating system and core mattress) as a baby mattress SIDS detector, integrate it, and test technical performance and safety before starting test with babies.

Objectives WP6

  • Validate BabyCareSleep system’s performance with preterm newborns under clinical controlled conditions.

Objectives WP7

  • Generation of a User Guide and Training for BabyCareSleep

Objectives WP8

  • The objective of this Wok Package, being led by the Exploitation manager Mr. Barberá from Delax, is to facilitate and encourage the industrial and commercial exploitation of the results and define the measures to ensure that the SME consortium members will be able to assimilate, protect, exploit and disseminate the results of the project.

Objectives WP9

  • The main objectives of this WP are the coordination and management of knowledge, IPR, Consortium Agreement (CA), financial, legal and contractual coordination and reporting as well as project risk management. This work package will enable the detailed co-ordination of the work at consortium level and coordinate information and management between the EC and consortium. The main work to be developed in this WP falls under the role of the Project Coordinator, being responsible for the day to day coordination of the project.